Building Name: Carnegie Office Park One

Ownership Entity: Corporation

Leasing Agent: Cynthia Raftis

Property Manager: Kathy Ermacoff

Space Type: Office

Office Zoning: C3

Year Built: 1975

Building Construction: Glass/Panel 4' Brick

Total Building Size (SF): 26,000 sq. ft.

Number of Floors: 2

Space Available (SF): Contact for area available

Core Factor: 7%-15%

Contiguous Avail. (SF): Contact us for area available

When Space Available: Immediate or 30 day construction

Electrical Service/Space: Duquesne Light

Water/Sewer: Penn AM Water/Alcosan/Carnegie sewer

Gas: Peoples Gas

Ceiling Height: 9'-6""  Bar joist to floor / 10'-7-1/2" to deck 

Column spacing: 26' and 24'

Floor Load: 4" concrete

HVAC Available: Roof top units/ Baseboard water heat

Sprinkler System: Yes

Loading Facilities: Double Entrance Doors

Parking: 4/1000

Fiber carriers available: Comcast Cable, Verizon FIOS